3 Ways to Style a Waistcoat this Autumn

3 Ways to Style a Waistcoat this Autumn

3 Ways to Style a Waistcoat this Autumn

'Are you heading to serve dinner?' Yes, this was the question I received when I debuted a recent waistcoat addition to my wardrobe, a fabulous black leopard print icon. I had quickly thrown together the look with an oversized white shirt, black trousers, which in fairness were giving work vibes, and of course, said waistcoat. Yes, this comment didn't exactly leave me enthused to head out for dinner for fear I'd be handed a tray. 

So, here are three ways to style your waistcoats which certainly won't leave any confusion as to which side of the table you are seated on and ensure you receive nothing but compliments of 'oh wow, you look fabulous.'

1. Clashing Prints

Grab yourself a waistcoat with a fabulous print and clash it with another. With this combo below, the small pattern on the shirt looks fabulous, with the larger pattern in the waistcoat and the orange colour in both, albeit different shades, ties them together. Also, can we take note of the sleeves on this shirt? The stuff of vintage dreams. 

2. Go Monochrome

Waistcoats are the perfect autumnal addition to your wardrobe for that extra layer of warmth and style. You might not have thought to wear your waistcoat over a dress; I know I traditionally thought of just a shirt and jeans, but how cool is this look? Choose a waistcoat in the same shade as your dress for a monochromatic look and you'll be oozing style.

3. Keeping it Neutral 

I always have to include a classic and easy way to style your vintage, and this one requires no thought. Throw your waistcoat over a classic cream shirt, wherever it lies on the white/cream spectrum. Here I added a neck scarf for an extra pop of colour and fun.

Where can I get my hands on a vintage waistcoat as beautiful as these three featured, I hear you ask? Good news, right here at www.terravintageclothing.com at 8 pm this Thursday, the 3rd of November. All three from this blog will be up for grabs!

So, what's your favourite look? Let me know in the comments below.


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