Terra Vintage - Gifting Vintage this Christmas

Gifting Vintage This Christmas

Gifting Vintage This Christmas

A Guide to Gifting Vintage this Christmas

We all live in a little bubble with our Instagram accounts, don’t we? We follow what interests us and quickly convince ourselves that the bubble we have created represents the whole world. Yes, you can quickly come straight back down to earth again when you go out into the world and realise your bubble doesn’t always exist in real life.

But still, I don’t think I’m wrong when I say one of the best things to come out of 2020 is the explosion of the online vintage scene. More people have been introduced to vintage and are finding lots of joy in what they have discovered.

Maybe some of you would like to spread that vintage joy with your loved ones this Christmas. Whether it’s for your long term vintage-loving sister or a friend who has never dipped her toes in this wonderful world, vintage can be a super thoughtful gift.

I thought I would write a little blog on the reasons why I think vintage clothing makes a wonderful gift and share some pointers on gifting vintage this Christmas.

Terra Vintage Clothing - Gifting Vintage this Christmas

Vintage makes a thoughtful gift.

It is true that an item of vintage clothing might not be the easiest thing to pick for someone else. But arguably this is one of the best reasons why it makes such a fab gift. You have to think about your BFF's style, the kind of fit which suits them best and trawl the online world of vintage to find that item that made you scream ‘yes that’s it, this is THE ONE’. Add to that having to compete to make sure you ended up with the item when it went live. Ahh, the pain of missing out on our dream vintage piece, but of course worth it for the buzz when you realise it's all yours! Gifting vintage clothing (and getting it right) shows you have really thought about the gift. You could even make it super personal by purchasing an item from their favourite decade or the decade of their birth.

Terra Vintage - Gifting Vintage this Christmas

Vintage makes a unique gift.

Of course, most vintage items are one-off pieces. We all dread that moment when we turn up at the event dressed in the same dress as someone else. Gifting vintage means your gift is super unique, and it’s highly unlikely they are going to see that piece of clothing on anyone else. We all wreck our brains every Christmas to find something special and unique for our loved ones, something they might not have found or thought of themselves. It doesn’t get much more unique than a stunning piece of vintage treasure which feels like it was waiting for the recipient of your gift.

Vintage is the gift that keeps on giving.

What is better than giving an investment piece? As we always say they don’t make clothes like they used to, and there are so many amazing quality vintage pieces to be found. If your vintage gift is looked after well and worn with love, your lucky friend or family member can sell that item on once they feel ready to let go. So many presents automatically devalue after one use or even upon opening, but not vintage. The beautiful vintage blouse you gifted can retain its value, if not increase and find a new loving home all over again. Your friend can then refresh their wardrobe with another beautiful vintage addition. As I said, vintage is the gift that keeps on giving.

Terra Vintage - Gifting Vintage this Christmas

Vintage makes a Sustainable Gift.

Ultimately with your vintage gift, you are also contributing to something greater and much more important. You are providing a piece of clothing which already exists with a new home and avoiding that item ending up in landfill. 2020 has seen an increase in the number of people wanting to adopt more ethical and sustainable shopping practices. If you know someone like this, would they be super chuffed if you put in the effort of buying something that aligns with their belief system and way of living?

I hope you agree with these reasons as to why vintage would make a fabulous gift this Christmas. Before I leave you to get on with your shopping, here are some final tips on shopping for your fabulous vintage gift.

  • Make sure you check the item description for the quality of the item. Of course, vintage items can be decades old and so you can expect to find some flaws. These flaws can bring charm to the items and hint at the life it had before it ended up with you. But be sure you are happy and confident in your purchase and don’t be afraid to ask the seller questions. We are all super happy to help!
  • If you aren't 100% of your friend's size, a vintage blouse is a great choice as these can be worn oversized and styled in lots of different ways.
  • Another great vintage gift idea is of course accessories. Bags and scarves always make the best stocking fillers, so why not go for vintage?
  • If you can’t find that perfect piece that screams your friend's name, another great way to gift vintage is by purchasing a gift card from your favourite shop. This way, you are giving them the experience of searching for their vintage item themselves. Ohh I love the thrill of the vintage search, especially when someone else is paying.

Terra Vintage - Gifting Vintage this Christmas

Thanks so much for reading my first blog here on Terra Vintage Clothing. I hope you found it useful, and I would love to hear any feedback. Please drop me a DM on Instagram or add a comment below.

Oh, and while we are talking about gifts, I have added the option to purchase a gift card to my website. You can find it on the main page if you know anyone who would love a piece of Terra Vintage.

Lots of love,
Una xxx

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