I'm going full-time with Terra Vintage!

I'm going full-time with Terra Vintage!

I'm going full-time with Terra Vintage!

Hello everyone!! The news is out! I’m going to be a full-time vintage shop mummy!

I am making this super exciting decision two years from when Terra Vintage came into the world as an idea. Of course, I have been doing a lot of reflecting as I make this change, and I thought I would bring you in on these reflections. So in this blog, you will read more about my journey to this moment and how it feels to make this decision. 

Terra Vintage was born after I returned home from teaching English abroad for 3.5 years. I couldn’t rely on TV solely for my income, so I have had a part-time job in an Academic English teaching company up until now. In total, I have worked in the English teaching industry for over five years, and this really does feel like the end of an era. Teaching English started as a way to support our travels, and I never expected to do it for so long and be given so many amazing opportunities. I enjoyed aspects of it, learnt lots of lessons and met so many incredible humans, but ultimately it wasn’t for me. It brought me a lot of stress, the imposter syndrome was real, and it just wasn't my passion. 



Fashion though, that's another story. I have always loved clothes and dressing up. I worked in Oasis for a long time while at University, and I really enjoyed it. I loved seeing the new styles coming in, prepping the clothes to go out on the floor, and dressing mannequins. I loved chatting with customers and giving them advice on what to wear and how to style different pieces. I remember thinking I would love to work in fashion long term, but I ignored the calling because I was studying a law degree, and I had to keep going with that. 

Well, the career in law wasn't for me either, and here I am, coming back to fashion full-time—specifically, vintage fashion, of course. I love working with clothes which, as I always say, have the power to make us feel absolutely fabulous!

So, now that you know more about my journey to this point, I thought I would share a little bit about how it feels to take this jump and take the risk. Because a risk is definitely what it is. 

The one overriding negative emotion is fear, the fear of failure. But as they as say, if something doesn’t scare you, is it even worth doing? I am also feeling doubt. It takes a lot of confidence to make a decision like this. I am giving up a stable income for a lot less stable income. 

Ultimately, I’m ignoring both emotions. I am 100% I am making the right decision for me. That is not because TV is already a super success or anything but because I know it's my passion, and I'm willing to work so hard to make it work. Pursuing my passion makes me so happy, and my happiness is worth it.  Even if it doesn’t work out, well, then at least I will have tried. 



That’s enough of those negative emotions because the main feelings are EXCITEMENT and DETERMINATION!! Oh, I am so excited to see what is around the corner for Terra Vintage. Being a one-woman business involves a lot of work and the idea of having every hour of my day to dedicate towards growing my shop just fills me with complete joy. 

I feel so much gratitude that I am in the privileged position to take this jump and will never take it for granted. Everyone’s circumstances are different, but if you feel like you are in a similar situation to me with your side hustle, maybe it’s time to give it a go? Although, maybe I am not in the position to be giving out such advice just yet. I'll update my advice in a couple of months.

Vintage makes me feel fierce and fabulous, and I'm so excited to continue to find clothes for your sustainable wardrobe to make you feel fabulous too!

I have lots of plans in the making, including a monthly newsletter for all my lovely subscribers. So make sure you get signed up to my newsletter to hear more from me and TV! 

You will be seeing lots more of me over on Instagram too, so I'll see you over there, guys! Oh and don't forget to add your thoughts on my blog or any questions to the comments section below! 

Una xxx



  • Well done! I’m so glad that you are following your dreams. Life is short. I have no doubt TV will go from strength to strength. Fortune favours the brave after all! X

    Laura on

  • Love this!! So excited for you and Terra Vintage!! Xxx

    Mary on

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