My Wedding Dress Search

My Wedding Dress Search

My Wedding Dress Search

I write this blog on the morning of my first wedding anniversary. Yes, I'm a crazy early riser, especially on a Saturday. This day last year, 20th August 2021, I had already been for a sea dip. Yes again, my family thought I was crazy for dragging them to the sea then too. The best day of my life was about to commence, and I’m so happy I can say that with total honesty. It really was the best day. 


This blog fell down the to-do list many times in the past year, but what better time to bring it to you than one year on? So here it is, the story of the search for my dream wedding dress. The most amazing dress you might wear in your whole life. Although I’m planning a Rochelle type 10-year vow renewal - that’s nine years to convince Scott. 

Not long after Scott proposed, I was thinking about my wedding dress. Who am I kidding? I was thinking about it before Scott proposed. I had always planned to go on a vintage wedding dress shopping trip to London. But alas, we had decided to get married less than one year after our engagement and in the middle of a pandemic we thought would have been long over by the time our wedding came around. Ha!

I started the search online to get an idea of what I wanted and one day was stopped in my scroll by the most stunning beaded 80s dress from La Dolce Vita Vintage. It was really reasonably priced, including the postage from America, so I decided to take the risk. She arrived a couple of weeks later and was immaculate. But after the first try on, I realised I wanted more. More bridal. I wanted a long dress, a dramatic train, all of it! It’s the one day you get away with wearing a dress like that, after all! But of course, this dress still made an appearance for the evening party.

So the search for my main dress continued, but so did the lockdown. Six months before my wedding, I decided to book a sample sale appointment with a bridal shop.
A sample sale is when bridal shops sell off the dresses that are sent to them for brides to try on when deciding what dress they want. If you are buying a new dress in your size, you will try on the sample dress and the dress will then be made specifically for you. So the sample dresses have been tried on many times and could be damaged and flawed. 

The day of my appointment arrived, and I was so excited to head off with my mummy and sister to try on wedding dresses. Just in case you didn’t notice, I love trying on dresses. 
When I first started looking through the rail, I said, ‘I don’t want lace.’ I know, lol! Then we came across my dress, ‘Oh, well, I might want that lace.’ The colour of the lace, the champagne underlay and the bardot style was all calling my name.

When faced with which dress to try on first from my selection, she was the one I picked. My dress was from a couture bridal house called Anna Maier from a 2015 collection. I fell in love. I felt like I could walk out of the room and down the aisle right then, well, despite her flaws. She was a very wounded bird. She had obviously been tried on by a lot of brides over the years, and the lace was badly ripped in many places. Of course, I was up for the challenge of bringing her back to life and giving her her moment on the aisle. I left the shop within an hour and took her home that day.

The bridal shop had recommended a wonderful seamstress called Jacqueline at Amelia Jane Bridal. We truly couldn't believe that someone could bring such damaged lace back to life and make it look almost like new. Jacqueline worked her magic, and I walked down the aisle feeling fabulous in the wedding dress of my dreams. 

I had tried on my mummy’s wedding dress very soon after I got engaged and given her Diana dress a confident ‘No.’ But her veil was a yes. I loved the idea of wearing my mummy’s veil, and it was the perfect match for my dress. What were the chances? It meant a lot to me and my mummy and daddy that this little piece of their day was present in my day all those years later. 

I’m so happy that I look back at all my photos now and my love for my dress remains strong. My advice to all brides is to remember to truly live in the moment on your wedding day. I constantly reminded myself to breathe and live in the now, trying not to let myself get so carried away that I almost forgot where I was. I look back now and know that I spent that day in a state of total love and gratitude.

A day in the most amazing dress you might ever wear, declaring your love for the person you have chosen to spend the rest of your life with, surrounded by all the people you love. Enjoy every minute. Here is the best part, when your wedding day is over (or the three days of continued partying in my case), guess what avoids any post-wedding blues? Getting to bring the man you love home with you forever.

So there you have it! Don't be afraid to send me a message if you ever have any questions about wedding planning or anything I have written about today. 

Share your dress story below too! Did you wear a sample dress too? Let me know!


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